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Ask Us: What Is Direct Cremation?


Contrary to what ‘direct’ may imply, a direct cremation refers to a cremation performed soon after the time of death without a funeral service of any kind. Also called a ‘simple’ or ‘immediate’ cremation, here are the aspects of this type of cremation you must know about:

  • Direct to the crematory
    Arranging for your loved one’s direct cremation involves dealing with the crematory service provider directly instead of a funeral home.
  • A more cost-effective option
    Since a direct cremation happens immediately after death, you can avoid funeral services such as body preparation and transportation expenses. By law, you are also not required to use a casket for this type of cremation so you don’t need to make this expensive purchase.
  • No need for body preparations
    Direct cremation means there will be no need for viewing, visitation, or wake. This eliminates the need for embalming or other body preparations.
  • Flexible arrangements
    With direct cremation, you get the flexibility to arrange the memorial service at your preferred time, date, and locale.

We offer direct cremation services in Georgia at SWGA Cremation & Funeral Services.

We can also take on your other funeral service needs such as memorial service, notarization service, creation jewelry, urn vaults, on-site fingerprinting, life insurance, and more at our crematory in Albany, Georgia. You can trust our staff to assist you from start to finish in this journey. Send us a message to begin today.

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