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Knowing the Various Cremation Service Choices


The death of a family member, a special or someone very dear in our hearts is one of the most painful losses we’ll ever experience. And up to the very last moments, we want to give the very best tradition we deem appropriate for them, whether a full body burial or cremation.

There are also added possibilities due to cremation provided by cremation services in Georgia. Read on to know our cremation services:

  • Visitation

    This is where selected people close to the deceased see and say their final goodbyes. Jewelry, clothing, and casket will be chosen by the family and the funeral home, who’ll make preparations for the deceased by setting features or embalming. Individuals may also put flowers, keepsakes, cremation jewelry, and others that have symbolic value in the casket intended for the process of cremation.

  • Funeral service

    Funeral services normally have the dead body prepared by the funeral home using clothing and a casket chosen by the family. There will be a religious leader or celebrant that will give service in honor of the deceased.

  • Memorial service

    The body is not present in a memorial service. What are present are just the cremated remains or particular meaningful memorabilia chosen by the family and prepared by the funeral home. The deceased will be honored through a service led by an officiant like a religious leader or celebrant.

  • Witnessed cremation

    This enables those who are around to say their final goodbyes, add keepsakes, and for others, have peace of mind as they witness their loved one undergo the whole cremation process.

At SWGA Cremation & Funeral Services, we provide the best options for cremation services that your loved one truly deserves. Feel free to contact us about our crematory in Albany, Georgia.

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