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What Are the Kinds of Funerals?


For the great memory and value our deceased loved ones hold to us, we want to provide the best funeral service to them. Each of our respective families may not agree on the type of funeral we think is the most suitable, whether there will be a burial or cremation, these are available by the cremation services in Georgia. Read on to learn about the various kinds of funerals.

  • “Traditional” full-service funeral

    This often offers viewing and visitation as well as formal funeral services, the utilization of a hearse in transporting the body to the site of the funeral and cemetery, as well as burial, entombment, or the cremation of the deceased body. It’s the most expensive kind of funeral.

  • Direct Burial

    In direct burial, the deceased body is buried shortly following death, often utilizing a simple container. There’s no viewing or visitation, so embalming is not needed. It’s possible to hold a memorial service at the graveside or at a later date. Compared to a “traditional” full-service funeral, direct burial often costs lesser.

  • Direct cremation

    The deceased body is cremated shortly following death, without the need for embalming. The cremated remains are put in an urn or other type of container. Viewing or visitation is not allowed. It’s possible to keep the remains at home, buried, or put them in a crypt or niche in a graveyard.

    The remains can be buried or scatted in a favorite place as well. The expenses for direction cremation are often less compared to “traditional” full-service funeral.

At SWGA Cremation & Funeral Services, you can avail of the best options for funeral services most suitable for your deceased loved one. Feel free to contact us about our crematory in Albany, Georgia.

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