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Why You Should Get Urn Vaults for a Loved One


When a family member or friend thinks cremation is the best way to handle their funeral process, the following step is to choose a container for the remains.

While some families may want to have the ashes scattered at sea, others may want to keep them in a more public place. Burial urn vaults are one option for this.

In most cases, an urn vault is necessary if it’s going to be placed in the ground.

An urn vault is an exterior container lined and sealed to protect the cremated remains inside from the elements and any cemetery machinery that may pass over it.

Lined urn vaults from funeral services shield the ground from deteriorating below and keep the landscape beautiful by preventing ground settlement.

As a provider of cremation services in Georgia, an urn vault does offer several benefits above traditional urns, making it a viable option even if burial is your preference.

These urns are easily transportable from the service location to the cemetery or crematorium; you can also inscribe meaningful messages in the urn vault, like a tombstone.

With the proper phrases etched permanently, this unique benefit can make saying farewell to your loved ones a little better. It might also help your grieving family and friends rest easy knowing you did all you could for your departed loved one.

If you need help deciding which urn vault is best for your loved one or our crematory in Albany, Georgia, call SWGA Cremation & Funeral Services at 229-888-0554 today!

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